We believe taking up their next job is a big life decision on the candidate's part.

If the candidate is convinced about joining your company, they will most likely join your company, except when they run into an unforeseen issue. If a high percentage (e.g. more than 30%) of candidates accept your offer but don't join in the end, it often indicates you should change something in your hiring process.

How CutShort team could help you
In your "Job Pipeline" section where you track your applications, we have provided a special stage called "Offer accepted" where you can drop a candidate who has accepted your offer in a written communication.

Optionally, you can request us to help you in reducing the uncertainty around candidates in this stage of your hiring process. If requested, we will do the following:

If the candidate confirms the offer letter acceptance, we will let you know. We will also deactivate their profile from CutShort and stop any further job alerts, employer messages, event invites, etc.
If the candidate refutes the acceptance, we will alert you. If you fail to produce written proof of their acceptance, we may stop offering this feature to you.

The above feature is in beta and is being offered at no extra cost, so please have patience and help us with your feedback.

Coming soon: Candidates didn't show on the joining date?

If a candidate confirms to us their acceptance of your offer but fails to join your company without any communication to you or to us, you can report them to us. We will verify the information and may permanently stop such candidates from using any of CutShort services in the future (based on their phone and email address).
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