Absolutely. That's one big advantage of using CutShort!

Why automate?

Following the are most common steps you need to take on all the candidates that apply:

Checking relevance
Checking if someone actually knows a skill or just stuffing the keywords on the resume
Remote assessment test
Scheduling interviews

These steps consume too much of your important time. The real problem though is - it leaves you with no time to focus on the most important parts of recruiting - understanding candidates deeply, increasing your joining ratio, ensuring cultural fitment, and so on.

Use AI and Automation to save time

Go to Workflow and open stage settings:

Following automations are available:

Send message: Ask simple questions such as their notice periods, targe salary ranges, past experiences or something else.
Send assessment tests: You can send skill tests offered by CutShort, or create your own test or use test from a third party like Mettl of ExpertRating. Read more here.
Schedule interviews: Just set your interview time preferences and your AI assistant Voila will interact with the candidate to find a common time. It will also send calendar invite to both parties and even send reminders 30 mins before the interviews.
Export candidate to other systems: You can just drag and drop candidates to a custom stage to export them to an ATS system or may be to your team slack channel or to your mailing list. Talk to us if you have a specific need.

With automation, you can save 50% or more of your time. Time that you could use to improve your hiring process or improving your employer pitch.
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