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To search relevant candidates, we suggest you to create jobs (all our plans let you create unlimited number of jobs). For every job, our AI algorithms generate a list of relevant candidates not only uses keywords, but the overall context of your job description. Further, these matches are ranked based also on profile match, location, salary, educational background, industry background and and so on, this saving you the time to apply these as filters everytime.

What are the problems with keyword based manual search?

While, manual searching candidates using keywords gives you the control, it has problems.

Keywords don't actually indicate the candidate's key job function areas. So, searching for javascript and angular will not only give frontend developers, but may result in backend or fullstack developers or even SDETs.

Using keywords to search for a combination of functional areas such as "backend developer" who has good exposure to "Azure" (or a digital marketer with strong "content writing" experience) is ineffective.

You need to know all the different keywords, and their various popular versions (such as angular6 and angular8), which is impossible for a human to remember and keep updated.

While it's okay to search for "definitive" skills such as Python, using keywords that candidates may forget writing on their resume (e.g. "Test Driven Development" or "AWS SNS") may lead to losing otherwise relevant candidates.

Still want to use manual search?
We understand. There are times you want to take the control in your hands.

Just go to the "Talent pool" tab on the left and click on "All Candidates". Here, you can apply any filters from the left.

You can also do a boolean search in candidates' resumes

Click on the filter named "boolean search". Here you can type boolean search queries. To make it easier for you, we have supported the different operators that LinkedIn supports.

To quickly summarize, here are the query words you can use:

Supported query words
And you can combine multiple such query words with operators such as AND, OR, NOT.

"react native" OR angular
"react native" AND angular
"react native" OR angular NOT vue

Further, you can use parenthesis to specify the precedence order

(php or django) AND (angular or react)
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