CutShort is a matching based platform. To see candidates, you need to first create a job and our algorithms will show you people relevant for your job.

Running your own search looks attractive, but the fact is it dramatically increases the complexity for you to use various filters and search queries to find the right candidates. Our matching algorithms take care of all of that for you.

That said, we do support manual searching of candidates too. Just refer to the screenshot below:

How does the matching work?
These matches are ranked based on profile match, location, salalry, educational background, industry background and and so on.

You can filter based on resume text

When you see matching candidates, you can filter them based on some text in their resume.

This feature can be useful in some cases such as:

Looking for specific experience such as "engineering management", "sketching", "stroyboarding" etc.
Looking for interests such as "coprogramming" or "kaggle" or "olympiad" or "CAT" or "chess"
Finding candidates with connections to your location such as "indore"
Anything else you like!
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