Recruiting quality talent is hard. There are a lot of activities AND they need to be done at the right time.

It becomes even harder when you have 100's of candidates but only 10 working hours, 2 hands and 1 brain?

Relax. You now have an intelligent assistant. And it never sleeps!

Here is how it works:

All incoming applications (across all sources such as CutShort, job boards, social networks, your website) are automatically ranked by our machine learning based algorithms
If you accept an application, these candidates move to a special "Connected" stage. Note that all the matching candidates you messaged are also added to this stage if they are interested in your job.
You can add more stages and move candidates freely across them. You can also assign them to your colleagues.

Handy automation options

When a candidate is moved to a stage, you can configure some automated actions that will be run by Voila- your AI assistant.

Here are the possible automation options:

Send message: This automation can be used in many ways such as when you want to ask every candidates stuff such as "GitHub links" or "links to social media posts". Or if you want to keep candidates in-the-loop about your hiring process.
Setup meeting: This automation helps you setup meetings so that nobody misses them. You wil get calendar invite, meeting reminders and get the meeting update right within Workflow. This feature is coming soon.
Send test: Create a small test and Voila will not only send the test but also evaluate the responses as per right answers given by you. Workflow will then automatically rank candidates based on their test scores. This feature is coming soon.
Trigger custom actions: Want to export a candidate to your ATS? Or want to trigger your onboarding process when a candidate is moved to "Hired" stage. Workflow is designed to be friends with all your existing sytems. This feature is coming soon.

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