Conventional database search tools are painful to use. Not only you have to use many filters such as individual company names, institute names etc, but you also have to keep revisiting the application to message new candidates.

With CutShort, you can not only search better but also automate your outreaches to the right candidates.

First off, if you haven't checked them out, do note - CutShort has many industry-first filters to help you identify the right candidates. You can find people who are "into programming activities" or those who are into entrepreneurship. And you can message them to invite to apply for your job positions.

But we didn't stop there. Once you're happy with your search results, won't it be more efficient for you to auto message them to check their interest in your roles?

This is exactly what you can do now. Just go to the Source Candidates tab on the left menu.

And set a message that you want to send to candidates that match your criteria:

What happens after enabling auto messages?
Candidates (maximum 100 at a time) matching your search NOW and in FUTURE will be sent your messages every day. This will give you a healthy stream of just the applicants you want.
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