What's worse than getting zero applications on your job? Getting a lot of applications!

Collecting right data at the right time and communicating promptly increases hiring success rate by 150%.

CutShort offers Voila, an AI assistant that help you run right action at the right time. Here are three automations, I highly recommend setting up:

1. Collect useful details from new applicants

As soon as a candidate applies to your job, they are moved to this special stage:

This means when a candidate applies, you can set an automation step to:

Ask a question about their relocation preference or about their experience on a specific skill
Request audio response to a question

within 5 mins of the candidate's application, thus getting you the desired information without losing time and effort.

2. Set up initial calls faster

When you click "Shortlist" on an application, the candidate is moved to the "Shortlisted stage"

Configure an automation on this stage to 

(Recommended) Set up a 10 min phone call to explore the fit further and make them excited about your company.
Send them a test or an assignment

3. Leave a good impression on rejected applications

Great companies never let the rejected candidates in a lurch.  Just configure automation in "Rejected" stage like this:

Your AI assistant on CutShort can run more actions, but these 3 are perhaps the most important if you don't want to lose candidates.
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