If you are into software development or data science, you can get into CutShort Discovered by submitting your personal project codebase. This codebase is then evaluated by global experts for quality, design, extensibility, readability and test coverage via our partner Indorse.io.

How does code evaluation work?

You can submit your projects (should be your personal project and should be public) for a review via our partner service Indorse. Your project code is manually verified by a set of global experts on various dimensions such as quality, readability, security and so on.

Why should I submit my projects?
Submitting your projects that demonstrate your competency is the best way to get into CutShort Discovered. It also boosts your chances of getting calls from high quality companies.

As a bonus, you also get some actionable feedback from the experts to improve. You will get a report like this:


I don't have public projects. All my work is owned by my company or our clients.
No problem. Pick any challenging problem and solve it using your preferred technology. Here are some ideas and instructions: https://cutshort.io/a/code-evaluation-assignment

Once done, reapply to CutShort Discovered. If your work shows a high level of competency, we will automatically add you to CutShort Discovered!
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