Just like connecting emails or phone numbers, candidates can also connect their WhatsApp account with CutShort to receive updates from us.

How it works

Once connected, a candidate gets a WhatsApp notification when there is an update on their application. For example, when:

you trigger screening questions
you send them a message
you send them an assessment test (either CutShort's in-built or via your own tool such as HackerRank, Codility, HackerEarth)
you send them an audio question
any other similar action.

How does it help?
As we all know, instant messaging services such as WhatsApp have 90% open rates and the fastest response time.

Number of candidates responding to actions from employers
We have seen 3 times more responses from candidates since we have rolled out this feature.

Is there a pricing for this?
This is an expensive feature for us to maintain but currently, we are offering this feature in all our subscription plans for no extra charge. In future, this feature may become available in specific plan(s).
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