CutShort solves this problem in various ways.

Built-in methods

Using external platforms: CutShort's algorithms analyse a candidates presence on platforms such as GitHub, Dribbble, Stackoverflow etc to estimate their strong skills. The weightage is used in matchmaking algorithms to rank the candidates.
In-built tests: For technical skills, we give candidates an option to take practical quizes on languages and frameworks. If they pass the test, we show the results right inside the candidate's profile.

User triggered assessments

You can set up an automation to send the test automatically when a candidate is added to a stage:

CutShort's test: As described above, CutShort has short 15 min quizzes for technical skills + 1 coding test that candidates are given an option to take. If the candidate has not taken this quiz, you can ask tyour AI assistant to request them. The scores will be shown along with the profile card.
Your own test: If you have your custom assignment or quiz, you can send it via automation on the CutShort platform itself (you will need to check the test results yourself though).
External tests: If you are using platforms such as HackerRank, Codility or DoSelect..

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