The biggest bottleneck in entire hiring process often is making that first phone call. It is a short, but essential call to check if the candidate sounds promising. 

For sales, customer interaction and marketing roles how well a candidate communicates is the most important step in hiring process.

New: Request audio response when someone applies to your job

Now, using Workflow, you can set this automation that sends a crisp question when someone applies to your job.

Candidate side experience

Candidate is given a prompt to record the response. 

Currently, there is no limit on preperation time. The audio can be maximum 2 mins long, so please ensure your question is crisply defined and is worded more like a "request" than an "instruction".

Note: If you have this automation set in incoming stage, you will be expected to have much faster response time. Failing to do so will make our system remove this feature from your account.

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