To integrate your DoSelect account with CutShort, please follow these steps:

Get your API key and API Secret from DoSelect. You can also find it on this page in your DoSelect account.
Go to the [integrations page] ( in your hiring dashboard. Enter your API key and Secret key in the DoSelect Integration section:

Entering DoSelect key in CutShort

In the Applications section of any job, click on the settings of any "stage". In the automation dropdown, choose "Send assessment test" automation and pick DoSelect from the list of test providers. You will be able to see the tests configured in your DoSelect account here.

Edit the settings of any stage in the Job Pipeline

That's it. Just drop the candidate to the above "stage" in your application pipeline. Your AI assistant will not only trigger the test but also remind the candidate about it and show the score right inside CutShort when it becomes available.
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