You're busy and so are candidates. No wonder a little thing like finding a common interview time often becomes a frustrating experience.

Easy interview scheduling with Google calendar integration

You can now connect your Google calendar (personal or Gsuite) to better manage your interviews.

Schedule interviews using Google calendar

To set this up:
Go to Automation settings of a stage where you want to automate interviews.
Connect your Google calendar and provide your general interview time preferences in local time zone as usual.
Drag and drop a candidate to this stage to schedule interview. Voila will now look at your specified time preferences AND your prebooked appointments in Google calendar when a candidate tries to get your availability.

No conflicts with your other appointments. Better view of all your interviews at one place.
Easy to modify or cancel an interview: Once a candidate books a slot, it will be added to your calendar as well. You can edit/cancel that event directly in Google calendar - your calendar will inform the candidate about such changes automatically.
Not available at some specific times? Just block those times in your Google calendar to make Voila not show them to any candidates.
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