First off, relax. Unless you are hiring for really niche profiles, this can be fixed.

What does a low match score mean?

It means your job details are not matching the profiles of the candidates. Some examples:

You have marked uncommon skills as most important. For example - "fullstack development" or "viral marketing" which are not commonly used by candidates. Note that CutShort' algorithms do try to go beyond keywords (and might look for skills similar to "fullstack development" and "viral marketing" in this case). But sometimes that isn't enough.

Some other possible reasons:
Your experience range or salary range in the job is limiting
You can try to choose different job category or job specialization.

How to fix this?

Hover over the match score and click " Review matching criteria" to edit the most important information that affects the match score.

Please review the job and pay special attention to:

Skills: Did you miss any important skills? Or did you make a less common skill as most important? You can mark or unmark the most important skills by clicking on them.
Salary or experience range: If it is too low, you may be losing candidates.
Category of job: Try choosing a different category and specialization for your job.


Here are some ways your matches can become much more relevant:

Indicating most important skills
Specifying preferred companies or categories
Specifying preferred institutes
Choosing your own matching weightages

If you continue to face problems, please contact us!
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