What is this event?
This is a special initiative for you to see the hiring companies and connect with them fast.

How is is this different from normal job applications on CutShort?
There are several benefits:
You can find a wider variety of companies and jobs.
Companies in this event are hiring actively and hence you can focus on applying well to them.
You can expect a faster process since the event rules urge them to respond to applications from this event by 23rd Oct.

How to see companies and jobs?

You can check the list of participating companies on the events page
If you want to apply to any of the companies, you can sign up from this page. After completing your signup, you will be able to check all the jobs in the event and apply for any of them.

Event timeline

Create your profile before the event starts 16th October, 11 am.
To help you get to know the companies better, we will do a Zoom session with some key companies on 16th October 11 am. Live stream of this session will be added to the events page
Apply as early as possible. Latest by 21st October 11:59 pm. Event jobs section will be closed at that time.
Participating companies are strongly suggested by CutShort to shortlist the applications by 23rd October 11:59 pm.

Will I be guaranteed an interview?
Unfortunately, no. It depends on the companies you apply to.

I applied for some companies in this event and haven't heard from them yet. What should I do?
Please fill the feedback form. We will talk to the companies and try to resolve the issue. Companies breaking the rules without any proper explanation will not be eligible for our future events.
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