Requirements to Participate

Your account needs to be approved for recruiting on CutShort
You need to have an active Recruiter subscription. Without that, you will not be able to do justice to the applications coming from the candidates.

How to register

Register on the events page  and sign up
Add your jobs on CutShort and mark them visible in the event as shows above.

Event timeline

Add all your jobs and mark them for the event before 16th October, 11 am.
Applications open on 16th Oct and can be made until 23:59 of 21st October.
Companies can start shortlisting the applications from 16th October until 23rd October 11 pm. You can expedite your interviews on 24th and 25th of October, which is a weekend.

Tracking and Acting on job applications

The job applications made in the event will be available in the Job Pipeline section of CutShort application.
By 23rd Oct 11 pm, please clear all the pending applications in the event. You can filter the applications from the event to do so. Failure to do this will make it ineligible to participate in the hiring events organized by CutShort in the future.
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