Requirements to Participate

Your account needs to be approved for recruiting on CutShort
If you are a new user, you will get a free trial that will give you some applications for free. For a full and successful experience, we recommend getting one of our subscription plans.

How to register

Register on the [[events page](] and sign up
Add your jobs on CutShort. You can do this while posting a new job:

new job

Or if you already have jobs, enable this toggle to add them to the event:

add job to event

Event timeline
The first phase of the event starts on 14th Dec. The first hiring window ends on 18th Dec. The second phase of the event starts 11th Jan 2022.

Candid sessions with companies will keep happening between periodically 14th Dec and Jan 15th 2022.

Please refer the event timeline section in the above event page [[events page](]

Tracking and Acting on job applications

The job applications made in the event will be available in the Job Pipeline section of CutShort application.
You will be able to filter these applications and take faster action on them . Not taking fast action on applications received in the event will make it ineligible to participate in the hiring events organized by CutShort in the future.
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