Have you faced situation like:

Employer 1 : Please take this test.
Employer 2: What kind of work you have done in Java?
You: I have some projects on GitHub. Can you just look at them?

Get your skills verified via your GitHub repositories
If you already have some projects in your GitHub, you can submit them prove your skills such as "Java" or "Python". We will send such claims to our partner Indorse, which will further send it to hundreds of technical experts on its blockchain based platform.


What happens to the results?
If your claim gets passed, your skills will be shown prominently to companies. You will also rank higher versus the competition. In short, you will get more awesome opportunities without breaking a lot of sweat.

If your claim doesn't pass, don't worry. We will give you the benefit of doubt and won't show that to the employers.

How it works


Go to your dashboard and find the skill you want to claim expertise on
Click on "Submit Code Repo"
Connect your GitHub and submit the claim
Wait for your claim to get approved or rejected
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