A platform such as Cutshort gets more useful when more users join it. More users means you get more opportunities to hire or find a great job.

You have helped us. It's our turn to say thank you.
A big reason behind our success has been our happy users telling their friends about us. What makes us feel good is that they have done it to help their friends or us, without expecting anything in return.

But now, we think we should have some ways to reward our users.

Here are two ways to get rewarded

Cutshort Credits
Now, when you start using and referring Cutshort to your friends, you will earn "credits" that can be redeemed while upgrading your subscription on the platform.

As of 15th October, the rewards are:
INR 50/- credits for every friend who completes sign up (email and phone verification)
INR 50/- extra credits if a referred friend starts exploring opportunities via Cutshort (i.e. creates a talent card on the platform)
INR 300/- extra credits if a referred friend is accepted as an employer on Cutshort and adds a job for the first time

Note that these credits can only be redeemed against purchases on the Cutshort platform. Also, note that this program is based on good will - any credits earned via misuse such as inviting friends with no real intention to hire or look for opportunities may be nullified at our discretion, even after you have used them.

Cutshort Cash
When you refer a friend who gets a recruiter trial and buys our paid subscription or services for the first time, you will both get 5% of the payment amount as cashback. This cash can be withdrawn into a bank account (via UPI or NEFT), Paytm or Amazon Pay balance.

Tip for recruiters: We recommend creating a personal account to invite friends via your referral link. This will ensure your referral activities are kept separate from payments etc made by your employer. Cash withdrawals information will be visible to your employer.

How to get started?
Create your personal account and grab your referral link from this page https://cutshort.io/profile/earn-credits
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