"Intelligent Social Boost" feature helps you tap into your professional network by sharing your active jobs automatically.

It is intelligent since:

You don't have to manually share jobs. Instead, it automatically detects your most active job and shares it on LinkedIn.
It is designed to be non spammy - it keeps a minimum gap between two consecutive shares.
It stops sharing a job when it detects you are no longer interested in hiring for it. Even if you don't delete or deactivate a job.

The best thing? Now, you entire team can help in promoting your jobs!
So you have a talented team. And they have friends. But asking them to share your jobs again and again on LinkedIn is a hassle.

Just invite all your colleagues to your hiring team (you can add any number of interviewers, for free) and ask them to set up this feature in the Settings page.

Jobs added by you now and in future will automatically be shared from their LinkedIn accounts periodically.

Don't want to share some jobs? You have the control!
Just go to the Settings page and deselect the jobs you don't want to share.

Once you deselect a job, it won't be shared by you as well as any of your team member.
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