There are multiple parameters which influence a recruiter's decision around your candidature status like your skills, achievements, fitment with the role, and last but not the least- your professionalism and trustworthiness. Your resume covers most of the former parameters, but the later one is not easy to showcase.

What does TrustScore on Cutshort mean?

TrustScore is a depiction of your professionalism and trustworthiness which will be visible to the employers coming across your talent card on Cutshort. It will keep getting updated as per your conversations with the employers and activity on the platform.

Should I enable TrustScore for my profile?

If you:

Feel you are trustworthy in your professional life,
Can claim that your profile information is correct and you won't go back on any accepted offers,
Want to create a good professional reputation and wish to highlight it to your potential employers

then, go ahead and enable the TrustScore!

How does it work?

If you are enabling the TrustScore, you claim that:

Your profile information like experience, notice period, salary, etc is accurate and up to date
You will honour an offer a company makes to you in case you accept it,

Once you enable it, here is what will happen:

Your profile will start getting highlighted with a "TrustScore" badge as "Opted-in", increasing your discoverability by the recruiters
If a positive feedback is reported for your profile (for example- you joined the company after accepting the offer), your TrustScore will go further up.
If a negative feedback is reported that a false claim was made by you, your TrustScore will go down.

How to keep my TrustScore healthy?

TrustScore once enabled cannot be disabled!

It is therefore important to maintain a healthy TrustScore. This can be done by:

Making sure your profile information is not misrepresented and regularly updated.
Not accepting an offer until you are sure about joining the company.

In case you have any questions, feel free to ping us on the available chat bot.
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