CutShort is one step solution that lets you:

Source high quality professional open to new job opportunities.
Get matched to the ones that meet your preferences
Unify sourcing across multiple job platforms
Automate your recruiting process using Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Here are more details:

Advanced matchmaking: CutShort uses machine learning to rank candidates for your unique preferences. For example, candidates from startups or from Ecommerce companies.
Automatic skill assessment: CutShort looks at social sources such as GitHub, StackOverflow, Dribbble to find evidence of qualitiy. For technical skills, CutShort even does its own short assessments to help you focus on more promising candidates. You can add your own custom tests as well!
Aggregate applications and AI based workflow management: CutShort lets you unify all job applications from sources such as LinkedIn, Job boards, Social networks, etc. It automatically runs matchmaking algorithms to rank candidates and lets you manage your process using Voila, your professional assistant.

More than 5000 companies such as Google and Amazon use CutShort to make their recruiting effecting and effortless. Sign up here!
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