We get these questions a lot:

Are you a job portal?
Are you an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?
Are you a professional network?

No wonder, after all recruiting solutions of yesterday were firmly grounded in one of the above categories. But this is 2020. The modern recruiting challenges are different and switching between multiple products that are still stuck in 1990's just slow things down. And good candidates are lost.

CutShort is built for 2020 and beyond. It is one step solution that lets you:

Source high quality professional open to new job opportunities.
Get matched to the ones that meet your job role and hiring preferences
Unify your sources such as job portals, assessment solutions and ATS on one platform
Never lose a good candidate by engaging with them using an Artificial Intelligence (AI) assistant.

Here are more details:

High quality talent community As a new age recruiting platform that offers relevance, spam protection and high trust, CutShort is fast becoming the preferred platform for the top talent today. Whether you're hiring remote or in-office talent, CutShort is a place to meet exclusive candidates ready to be discovered just in time.

Advanced matchmaking: CutShort uses machine learning to rank candidates based on how well they match your job requirements. Further, your industry or educational preferences are also used by the algorithm to come close to how a human recruiter evaluates a profile.

Automatic skill assessment: For technical skills, CutShort even does its own short assessments on 25+ skills to help you focus on more promising candidates. You can add your own custom tests as well!

Engage the most relevant candidates faster while you sleep Many companies lose good candidates just because they take long time in reviewing their profiles and running their hiring process with them. With WhatsApp integration and an AI Assistant that always is moving your hiring process forward, you never lose good candidates with CutShort.

More than 10,000 companies such as Google and Amazon use CutShort to make their recruiting effecting and effortless. Sign up here!
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