CutShort is the only recruiting platform that not only shows you the skills, but also an indicator of how strong those skills are looking to be:

Currently, we use a blend of different methods such as technical tests (via our partner DoSelect) and GitHub repo analysis to do this and will continue to add more methods over time.

As of now, we automatically try to verify candidates on 30 technical skills.

Android Development (Beginner & Advanced)
Angular (2+) (Beginner)
AngularJS (1.x) (Beginner & Advanced)
Backbone.js (Beginner & Advanced)
C (Beginner & Advanced)
C# (Beginner & Advanced)
C++ (Beginner & Advanced)
CakePHP (Beginner & Advanced)
CodeIgniter (Beginner & Advanced)
Data Analytics (Beginner & Advanced)
Data Science (Beginner & Advanced)
Django (Beginner & Advanced)
Flask (Beginner & Advanced)
Go Programming (Beginner & Advanced)
Haskell (Beginner & Advanced)
HTML/CSS (Beginner & Advanced)
Java (Beginner & Advanced)
Javascript (Beginner & Advanced)
jQuery (Beginner & Advanced)
Kotlin (Beginner & Advanced)
Laravel (Beginner & Advanced)
NodeJS (Beginner & Advanced)
Objective C (Beginner & Advanced)
PHP (Beginner & Advanced)
Python (Beginner & Advanced)
R Programming (Beginner & Advanced)
React Native (Beginner & Advanced)
React.js (Beginner & Advanced)
Ruby (Beginner & Advanced)
Ruby on Rails (Beginner & Advanced)
Scala (Beginner & Advanced)
Swift (Beginner & Advanced)
Vue.js (Beginner & Advanced)

You can use these tests on non CutShort candidates too!
If you have candidates from other sources like LinkedIn or agencies, you can just import them to your Workflow via email. You can then send these tests.
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